About “Saving America”

Calling his blog “Saving America” is no less than what Patrick Bet-David plans to do: save America. That’s not hubris, Patrick Bet-David believes that it will be the American individual, the entreprenuer, and the dreamer that will restore America’s prosperity and return us to the founding principles that have always made America exceptional.

Saving America will discuss the foundations of America’s economic freedom and the “grand experiment” of limited government by, for and of the people. We will look at the engine of American prosperity: the risk-takers, the pioneers, the entreprenuers. Saving America is written for those who believe that we are blessed to live in a country with more freedom and opportunity than anywhere on earth and that our liberty comes with personal responsibility. “Saving America” starts with being accountable for our own financial house and is fufilled by people helping people to become the embodiment of the American Dream once more.