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Best Dating Advice for 2015

Valuetainment Weekly Episode #109

The best dating advice is here on Valuetainment Weekly. As we get into the new year, the team decided to ask the public what their best dating advice for the new year is and here is what they had to say. Take some notes and add your advice below. Thanks for watching and please subscribe.

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Valuetainment Weekly Episode #84: Everything in life is math. Have you ever thought about that? In high school, teachers always said “math is one of the most important subjects in life” but when you left high school or college did you still feel that way or did you ask yourself “why did they teach me all those formulas and theories”? In this episode of Valuetainment Weekly, Patrick discusses how everything in life can be summed up to a mathematical explanation.

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leaders and leaners

Valuetainment Weekly #82 In every organization there is an eighty and twenty percentile of people who either LEAD or LEAN. What is the difference between a leader and leaner? Find out in this weeks episode of Valuetainment Weekly with Patrick Bet-David.

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motivational picture

Valuetainment Weekly Episode #77

Has anyone ever said things to you that hurt or that you’ve never forgotten. The truth is that so many people hold on to lies that have been said to them all their life and more often than not, they allow those lies to determine their success or outlook about life and about themselves. In this episode, Patrick shares a heartfelt message to all those who are living with those lies; “You are so special of a human being”. Please like, share and thanks for watching.

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The Brazil World Cup showed us that the U.S Soccer Team is on the brink of making soccer a powerhouse sport in America. Thanks to Tim Howard’s 16 saves and the overall teams performance in Brazil, the mens national team has received alot of media, hype and exposure but is that enough to say that the U.S will ever win a World Cup?

In this episode, Patrick shares his thoughts on the possibilities of the USA ever winning a World Cup. Soccer fans, what do you think? Please like and comment.

Valuetainment Weekly Episode #69

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How’s your scoreboard of life looking? So few people prepare for the different situations that life will throw at us. 3 of those situations are fear, stress and anxiety. If we know that in advance, how do we eliminate them. Patrick gives you three steps to eliminate fear, stress and anxiety in this episode. Please like, comment and share.

Valuetainment Weekly Episode #68

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There are three different environments that a child is typically raised in. You have welfare class, work class and professional class environments. There is always so much debate on how much those environments impact a childs success in life. In this episode, Patrick shares the formula for genius he learned in a book called The Genius in All of Us by David Shenk and what we can do personally if we were raised in an unfavorable environment.

Valuetainment Weekly Episode #67

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